Ahhhh tax exile. After the Vietnamese or North African boat-peoples,
here comes the time of the French yacht-peoples.

Like the impression that we are stuffing the slack with this business.

The first argument that has been developed has been to say that France
was the victim of a serious flight of high income abroad.
Our former Johnny, our Depardieu
and others would be hundreds to expatriate in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco,
the Cayman Islands ...
Like the cemeteries, the foreigner would be populated by irreplaceable French.

In fact, some political leaders have finally admited real stats. According to a report of
the Senate published in February 2008, 659 large fortunes would have left France in 2005.
Four years later, they would be between 700 and 800 ...

Hence the tax shield set at max 50% of income. The taxpayers concerned had even to benefit
from a certain retroactivity and received their charming check several years of rank.

Return of stick, the antipatriot Holland even imposed the rich to the height of 75%.
Alas, it was too much.

So, what is it really? Is this really the tax mess in France?
And what about real facts in Emmanuel Macron 2018's world ?
Our billionaires? They are 14 in France. Which puts us in 2nd place in Europe
(3rd if we include Russia). Certainly far behind Germany (55), but before - oh surprise -
the United Kingdom... and Switzerland.

A Frenchman has even entered the world top 5 : Bernard Arnault (LVMH) in 4th place
with a fortune of 78.1 billion dollars.

Our millionaires? Yes. This is where the target of this measure actually lies.
It is in this stratum of the population that we find the approximately 650 tax exiles per year.

There is fire, we are told. We let our great fortunes escape abroad?
It is therefore urgent to legislate on this point to stem this scourge.

Six hundred and fifty exiles. Yes. But how many millionaires do you ask?
Between 500 000 and about 1,8 million people (ref. estimatation of the swiss bank
"Crédit Suisse"). Between 1/150 and 1/40 of the french population.
The French are now hot on the heels of the British and could surpass
them with Brexit. That number grews by 6% in one year. Naturally, thanks in particular to the surge in real estate, commodities and the CAC 40, 23 400 more taxpayers. That is to say that if, by this shock measure of the tax shield, we manage to stop  - let's be crazy and optimistic - 100% of this unbearable exodus, the increase would be no longer 6% / year but 6.17 % about !

By the way, 6% is already three to three times more than official inflation and even more so than GDP growth in recent years.

The six billion euros that the French taxpayer paid for WWF His destitute large fortunes should it allow to stop the exodus tax? Conversely, the tax - let's remember it temporarily - at 75% will it considerably impoverish the country? Of course.
We can already see the manipulation and hypocrisy of such arguments.
Alas, they hit home. The French are mostly convinced that large fortunes
leave the country massively on their yacht-peoples...